Counting down the last few months of college and Irish living! Sunny California is calling....

Monday, May 22, 2006

all of the helper students that got involved

Mark, Justin and Me making weird looks with our mouths!

Me and Mark present the prizes of the quiz and wrap things up!

A little snap from the senator's speech

A little snap from my speech

Justin gets our group together for the tour of the Quinn school

Senator Quinn and Me chatting about retail!

This is Mark meeting Senator Quinn. He said to Marl, "You looked a lot taller in your emails!"

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Condensed "six weeks" soup!

I am ashamed to say I haven't had any posts in six weeks! I can promise, however, that I have some really great reasons!

  • Last semester's finals
  • Christmas
  • My birthday
  • New Year
  • Getting settled into Dublin after being away for 3 weeks
  • Alvin visited for two weeks

So, I feel I deserve some sort of pardon! Now that I am 20 I have had to change the title of this page since I am no longer a teenager! Which, of course, makes me very happy since I have felt I was 20 since I was about 14!

Anyways...Summary of the last 6 weeks. Relief like none before when my exams wrapped up (no results yet); best christmas gift-iPod (from Alvin); Guiness Storehouse for the third time since moving to Dublin; nicest semester so far as classes go but heaviest workload; set-up an interview for a job in California (March); Alvin met the family (and lived!).

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shayne Won!

Since it's exam time I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but I figure since it is 3whole days to my next exam and since Shayne won X-Factor, I could afford the few mins! The final showdown was the most exciting since Will and Gareth! My own personal highlights included Shayne's velvet jacket when singing his Christmas song, he actually looked like a man for the first time, but the best 3mins of the whole show was "Over the Rainbow." I was left utterly speechless! It was AMAZING! Myself and Tracey were actually sitting on the edge of our seats! We were, of course, cursing his girlfriend along with the rest of the female population in United Kingdom! I have to mention poor Andy too though. He was so gracious when Shayne won and he sang unbelievably well too. I am sure that won't be the end of him. All we have to do now is patiently wait for Wednesday until the single is in the shops. I am looking forward to his video being over played on MTV over Christmas also!

X-Factor aside, exams are a disaster! Two left on Wednesday and Thursday then I am off home to Donegal! I am looking forward to watching Sky tv, with a glass of wine next to the Christmas tree! I have no birthday plans this year but I have a feeling there will still be a lot of alcohol involved unfortunately. After all in 10 days I will no longer be a teenager! Prediction for Christmas number 1 will obviously be Shayne's "Thats My Goal." Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

BLax Visits!

Since BLax is studying at Oxford this semester he came over for a few days to see Ireland and spend a few days with us girls. It was great to let go for a few days in the midst of all this tough school work we have been doing. Just to give you an idea of how much exactly...This week already there has been a presentation, an MCQ and a paper! Quite the nightmare but since class ends today then at least all I have to do now is learn all six of my courses for the exams that start next week!!!

So on Tuesday we went to the Guiness storehouse. I love it there! I had been once before and it was just as good the second time. The best part, without a doubt, is the Gravity Bar on the top floor. It is so impressive. The last time I had been in the day and this time it was dark so it's to have seen both. The view of Dublin is really beautiful from up there especially since all the Christmas decorations are up. Afterwards we went to Captain America's for Dinner. Buffalo wings were AMAZING as ever! Mmm...that jsut made me hungry. Then finished off by trying home brewed beers and ciders in the Porterhouse in Templebar.

This is a wall at the Guiness Storehouse which is covered with all the different types of Guiness bottles since 1759 from all over the world.

This is the view from the bar at the top. The pint of Guiness tasted much better this time! I even finished it all myself!
So then on Wednesday we started with a lunch at a chinese restaurant in town. The funniest thing happened! When the waiter gave us the bill he also put his number on the back of the card and signed it 'Peter.' It was his mobile number but me and BLax couldn't decide whether he meant it for me or him! Poor guy! We contemplated ringing him that night when we were drunk to ask him! After lunch we went gift shopping for BLax's family and friends and had millions of fun in the gift shop! There was all sorts of crazy Irish merchandise that we could play with. We stayed in there almost an hour! We went into town on Wednesday night. We started in the student bar because they were having Christmas day in there on Wednesday then headed to the Portobello. It was so much fun. We even met some of the other lads who were in Boston with us, so it was a bit of a reunion!

BLax at the chinese place!

Trying to be a Leprechaun!

Me as a sheep!

I am hugging the Spire! I was just checking if I could put my arms all the way around. Turns out I can't.

Aileen, Fiona, Me, Tony and Stephen!

Monday, November 28, 2005

21st Season!

So this weekend was a joint 21st for Bredge and Rach! Bar Mono was the venue. The place practically just had people from our party so it was great! In true tradition there was disastrous amounts of antics! Including the infamous stripper incident! Which I dont think any of us will forget for a very long time. He may have been one of the foulest things I have ever experienced in real life!

The girls blow out their candles! The cake was cool, covered in designer names, shoes and handbags!

This was the part of the act when they had to spread oil on his chest! Ugh...Rather them than me!

Some of the girls on the dancefloor!

Bredge became an honourary member of the Letterkenny Fire Brigade

Jacqui's 21st Birthday!

Last Saturday night was filled with antics for not only Jacqui's 21st but her brother Paul's 18th also. Everyone toured to the Given household for one hell of a party. All our girls were there scantily clad as always, despite the November weather, as well as an entire crew from Dublin. At the house there was a lot of Blue WKD, or to be more exact a lot of Vodka. Myself and Rach decided it would be a great idea to have double vodka's using blue WKD as a mixer! Not so much fun when I was being driven home from Milan (The club, not the city!) across country roads!

Everyone told me I had a good night though, which is always nice when you can't remember. I have certainly been scared off vodka for a while. The girls just maintained their usual level of scandal, as always 1 kissed a footballer half her age....1 kissed an ex (You know you are!) and there was definitely more than me who had one too many! Including the birthday girl herself! Luckily the pictures are from the start of the night when everyone's make-up and accessories still entact!

The birthday girl and boy cutting their cake! Looks like a wedding picture more than a birthfay picture!!

Tracey, Ciara and me. Not exactly sure what Tracey was trying to achieve with the drink on Ciara's head-but we'll let it slide this one time McGhee!

This is Tracey, Rach, Me and Peno. No, you are not mistaken, Peno is actually on the toilet! Charming I realise but I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Back in Boston :)

Alvin spoiled me last week with a ticket to Boston for the weekend! So I spent three more days with the Delts at 416! I had such a lovely weekend. I couldn't believe how pretty Boston is in the Autumn with all the leaves. It was really overwhelming, so much prettier than in the summertime! It was of course, amazing to see Alvin again after 3months! We had agreed not to tell Jake I was coming though, so his face was priceless when I arrived in 3rd middle! He was just like.. "uh oh!"

Thursday night we had some champagne and so Alvin, not being Irish, was hungover on Friday! In his defence he did consume a considerate amount of vodka and red bull also! We had dinner with Jake on Friday at Longhorn so we had to be rolled home since we all ate so much. On Saturday there was a party at the house themed "Heaven and Hell" which was pretty cool, I got fairly drunk but no sign of a hangover on Sunday, I am a good ambassador on foreign turf!

Not going to lie, it wasn't all fun and games. The journey home was a disaster! The plane was small and I was sandwiched between two americans who were trying to be my friends and chat, when all I wanted to do was go to sleep and wallow in my own misery of having to leave and come home again! Well worth the minor discomfort on the way home though!

I had great food all weekend, even better company and more photos to add to my collection so how could I complain?!

Roof deck view in November! So so pretty. Boston really suits the whole orange, red and brown look!

Me and Alvin! We spent most of the weekend lazing on this sofa watching tv and films. It was great!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Commerce Ball!

Friday night was the biggest night of the year in the Quinn School social calender! The Commerce Ball! For all of you non-UCDers, it is basically a huge party where all the boys get too drunk to stand and all the girls bitch about eachother's dresses! They try to make it seem orderly by having a black tie dress code! Nonetheless, we all had a really good night. Dinner was edible, music was fun and there was enough scandal to keep us all talking for a week.

Recovery was longer than the actual event itself. Saturday saw me, Ciara Cullen, Aileen and Tracey lie in Ciara's sitting room all day long eating junk food, watching soap omnibuses and gossiping about all the goings-on! Piecing together all our little bits of information made for some real scandal! It was amazing! Justin called out at night to show us his pictures which inspired another hour or so of gossiping! It has to be said there is some dodgy evidence of certain events-not naming any names! (You know who you are!) Although I am only going to post photos which are not incriminating since these things have a tendancy of coming back to haunt you at a later date!

The stupid obligatory 'before you leave the house' photo!

This is Tracey and Jim! Despite this awfully cosy picture they are not and never have been a couple! Have to admit though, pretty photogenic little pair!

What I love about this photo is that half of us are not actually even interested in being in it! Tracey looks mid-jog, Ciara is obviously checking out the talent elsewhere and me and Niamh are there posing for Ireland!

You can just tell this was near the end of the night! Hair is a litlle flatter, faces are a alot paler and we're closer to the floor! All in the name of good fun!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Champagne Breakfast!

Yesterday was Michael's 21st brithday, so we sneaked into his house at 8:30am and made a breakfast party for him! There was champagne, balloons, banners and pancakes with a lot of fillings! He was surprised to walk into the kitchen and have us jumping out from under tables and behind doors, but surprised in the best possible way, of course!

We all went to the student bar after class at 6pm for the second round of celebrations of the day! It was great because Ciara Devane and Eimear, neither of whom we have seen since Boston called in to say 'Hey' and 'Happy Birthday'! So I think Michael had a good day, all in all!

The Birthday Boy got the first pancake!

Monday, October 31, 2005

My un-halloween halloween!

Not getting costumed up this year, so to subsitute for our un-halloween halloween we went out last night for dinner and a few drinks! When I say 'we' I of course mean my other half, Tracey! We originally went shopping, which turned into dinner and drinks, which turned into a night out until 4:30 this morning! But as always the unplanned ones are always the best craic! We went to 'The Porto' and 'Flannery's' with John from my class and his roomate.

The most eventful thing that happened all evening was us finding a Spongebob Squarepants balloon! We pretended like it was one of us! We danced with it, introduced him to people and he came home with us at the end of the night! Bob remained fully inflated until John decided he would jump on top of him the middle of the courtyard in Merville! Bob went out with a bang! Literally! I kept him though and he is now blue tacked to my wall! He's cool!

See isn't he cool? He was so smiley the entire night too! Even when John murdered him!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Miss Saigon....sniff....sniff!

I set out at six thirty this morning to get the train to Belfast so I could meet Mammy and my sisters to go see Miss Saigon. Well, technically I set out that early because we wanted to squeeze in some shopping of course!

The show was amazing as usual! We had all seen it before except for my sister, Maria, but it I could never get tired of it! I don't particularly like playing favourites with musicals but I have to say, this one is certainly up there hovering around 2 or 3. Les Misérables is the undisputed number 1! Rent and Miss Saigon fight it out for 2 and 3 but I might just be decided that Miss Saigon is the winner! I am trying hard not to be jaded by the recency effect though! The guy who played 'Chris' impressed me most. Obviously, everyone in these big productions are amazing, but 'Chris' was special. He didn't exactly look bad in a GI uniform either! I think the moral of the post is go see Miss Saigon if it comes to a theatre near you! They really should pay me for advertising, shouldn't they?!

You should be prepared to cry though! Mammy presented each of us with a tissue for each act! The people behind us were laughing, but they weren't laughing when they were snotting on their sleeves! There wasn't a dry eye in the house. On my way out I noticed a fully grown man with swollen red eyes, so as you can gather it is pretty heart wrenching stuff! Afterwards we dried our eyes, reapplied our make-up and met my brother Peter and his girlfriend Claire in Bennedicts, for dinner. They were trying to convince me to go back home with them afterwards instead of coming back to my empty house in Dublin, but I am so pathetic and worried about my silly school work, I resisted! I am the only one of us girls who is staying the entire holiday weekend in Dublin and not going out! I should be excommunicated! So it was night when I left Dublin this morning and it was night when I got back tonight. Who knows? Maybe it stayed like that all day? I have no evidence to suggest otherwise!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Noah's Christening

I got my camera back from the North so I wanted to make sure that I put up a pic or two from Noah's Christening! The priest who celebrated the service was hilarious! He asked Mads what they were calling the baby and when she said, " Noah Mark" he actually responded by saying "Fair enough!" with a 'each to thine own' tone of voice! I have to admit it was hard to keep a straight face!

Mark, Noah, The Priest! and Mads

This is the part with all the hard work! I had to dry his head.
Becoming a Godmother was tough stuff!
He didn't cry though, which was cool :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lack of Slacking off!

Haven't posted in a little while since school has been so busy. It was the big careers week on campus so the entire 3rd Commerce is filling out applications and running back and forth to careers fairs! It is so weird how a week like this can really mess you up. There is such a mixture of feelings towards it all! I am excited because all the companies are telling you how brilliant the next few years will be; scared in case I end up with no job or post grad in September, devastated at the thought of leaving college and having to grow up; but most of all just plain tired of filling in the exact same information over and over and over again! It is rough stuff I have to say. Throw in a 10% MCQ, a fantasy budget assignment and a essay and it isn't long until you are longing for the days of first commerce again.

More good news for the Lucey family! Ciara got nominated for an 'All-Star' and Peter, Ciara's Dad and Manager, got nominated for 'Manager of the year' so this have definitely been a good October for their clan! We all couldn't be happier for them! At least her pissing off home from Boston in the middle of the summer was all worth it in the end. Maybe we will think about forgiving her now!

Unfortunately, I have no pics for this post since I left my camera at home last weekend when I was up for baby Noah's Christening. My new nephew and Godson! It was a really good night, from what I can remember but lets just say it is not one I will be rushing to repeat anytime before my 6 finals in December!

OK well, I am freezing now so I am going to hit the sack! Into my cozy bed! I put two quilts on it a couple of weeks ago and it turns out it was thee worst idea known to man! I can never get out of it, it is so damn nice! Oíche mhaith!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Same Old Spin!

Since moving back to the east side of Merville this semester I no longer, for some unknown reason, pick up the signal for 98fm and have since been reduced to becoming a 'Spinny!' After 4 weeks of regular listening, my main observation is that they play the same 10 songs (rough guess) over and over again, no matter what time day or night!

Any self respecting radio station has different programs in which different types of music are played. For example in the morning there might be the breakfast show with pop music and general hit songs of 'the moment' contrasting to the dance show at night, playing house or trance music, with a view to getting listeners all hyped up before a night on the tiles. Late night is often a love program where the hopelessly devoted request sloppy songs for their other half and often in the middle of the night there may be a talk program or easy listening etc..

But not Spin 103.8! No matter what time morning, noon or night if i flick that switch over to 'fm' I will be guaranteed to get one of the following:

  1. Pussy Cat Dolls- Don't Cha!
  2. Sugababes- Push The Button
  3. Gwen Steffani- I know we're cool
  4. Gorrillaz- Dare
  5. Franz Ferdinand- well, their new one!
  6. Kaizer Chiefs- I predict a riot
  7. Kanye West- Golddigger
  8. RKelly- Player Zombie ( or something which sounds like that)
  9. Tyler James- Why Do I?
  10. Mariah Carey- Shake It Off or We Belong Together (for that matter!)

So you would think with all my frustration I would be changing my dial to 2fm or 102.2....but I won't. It just so happens that I love each of the afforementioned songs! So maybe they have a point?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Congratulations Ciara!

Whilst we were at the zoo, poor Ciara was giving her all in a big field in Offaly! Turns out it was worth it because they won! They beat Clare 2-9 to 1-4. I think we can all agree that this means they pretty much hammered them! As if that wasn't enough to keep the Lucey family smiling for a year....Ciara was awarded player of the match!

'Player of the Match'
The Talented Miss Ciara Lucey!
Needless to say that there was a lot of alcohol consumed last night! None of the girls had drank in a very long time, with all the training they had to do, but i can can say they definitely made up for lost time last night! Poor Flannery's was taken over by screaming ladies in camogie tracksuits. I can say without a doubt....a good night was had by all.

Since it is a family affair with the Lucey's, with Ciara's dad as manager and her little sister also on the team, there was a lot of drunk lucey's on the scene last night! Even Orna, Ciara's mum joined in! I think I can safely say it is the only time I will be cheering for the Dublin team! Congrats again to all!

We went to the Zoo!

It is a long time since I have been to a zoo! I don't think that is unusual for most people though. Anyways....yesterday me, my nephew Cónan, my sister Joanne and her husband Mark made the trip to Dublin Zoo!

I have to admit I enjoyed it like a child. I especially enjoyed the tigers and Zebras. Their coats are really beautiful! After the zoo we went to Thunder Road Café, a themed restaurant in Temple Bar, where we managed to put away a scary amount of chicken wings and ribs!

This is me and Conan at the Camden Court before heading off. We thought we would have a drink before going just in case it was bad!

This tiger was so gorgeous! I am not so sure he would have been so goregous had there not been a thick layer of transparent acryllic between us though!

This is Conan and Mark in front of the monkeys!

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Gang's Inaugural Dinner Party

Bored from our usual social life at UCD we decided yesterday, that a dinner party would be a fun new way to change it up a little. So after finishing classes at 6pm me, Michael and Justin set out for Tesco to get some supplies! After much deliberation and several conference calls in the 'speciality sauces' isle we decided to have chicken fajitas. Armed with the ingredients and a lot of red wine we set out for Mark's house at 9:30 to get cooking!

Of course the wine was opened before the vegetables were even chopped, which led to a comical kitchen scene indeed. We discovered that having 5 Commerce students in the one kitchen, each with their own process theories and logistical concepts, can prove quite the challenge! I would hate to imagine the situation without the relaxing effects of the vino! Someone would definitely have had a heart attack!

Despite the 'Too Many Chief's and No Indian's' performance dinner turned out great! The food was amazing and everything was timed pretty well. Conversation at dinner could not have been funnier and we finished it off by retiring to the sitting room where i proceeded to throw red wine all over, not only me, but Mark's cream leather couch also! A little messy but all in the name of good clean wholesome fun!

Justin, fresh from his self-catering stint in Sydney, knew all the 'ins and outs' of seasoning the chicken!
This is Aileen and Tracey working hard on the preparation side of the operations!
It truly was a team effort!

Me and Justin oversaw the goings in the Wok...

Tracey, Mark and me take a break from the cooking!

Forum Bar Madness!

At the beginning of the week myself and my high school friends had a reunion. We went to the Forum Bar on Campus and pretty much took it over! It was full of men which we outdid on not only drinking but on noise levels also! It doesn't happen often so we thought we may as well do it properly! There is some evidence below!
Tracey, Aileen, Me, Rach, Babs at the beginning of the night! Nice and sensible picture! They get progressively worse!

This little angel is the lovely Rach! She is now a master's student, so after all her years of experience, one would think she would be able to avoid passing out in the bar!
Apparently not!
Yvonne, a 'respectable' school teacher, Bredge, soon to be a radiographer, and myself!

We are dancing here to Jackon 5's 'I want you back!' Except the Forum doesn't have music so it was our own version!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Snacks!

Returning to college on a Sunday evening is such a bitter sweet event. The bitterness arising from leaving all your home comforts like Sky Digital, comfy couches and home cooking but this is definitely outweighed by the sugar of living selfishly as a student and making everything for 1, including decisions!

There was an extra spoonful of sugar, this fine Sunday evening when I arrived back to my humble abode to discover home made chocolate chip muffins and a big tray of brownies! My Canadian flatmate went to town on the baking treats this weekend and the rest of us get to reap the benefits! I haven't tried the brownies yet but the muffins were really tasty. Well done Laura!

Friday, September 30, 2005


So welcome to my first Blog! I am just learning so you will have to forgive me if I have any bad entries! I guess it is just like plaing the piano or cooking eggs-practice makes perfect!! Today, is the 50th anniversary of James Deans death. I love James Dean. Even his name! I guess he died young so he would only be remembered cool as cucumber. His legacy would never be the same if he was being tube fed in some senior citizens home for the final years of his life!

It is the morning after the Fresher's ball on Belfield campus! Lots of hungover sleepy people walking around looking like they have done some things they regret. Including myself! It is a refief to know that the fresher's festival is now over and I can comfortably settle in to being an old final year and work hard towards the covetted FIRST! Yeesh...

Despite my potential lack of a social life this semester, finals et al, I will try to make this a little interesting so you don't fall asleep during my posts! Adh mór órt!